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angiepants [one pocket at a time]

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Long Island raised lady who became a grown adult in Philly (aka: 7 years for undergrad and grad schooling), home of squished pretzels and 'brotherly' love. I've traveled over the northeast coast and even once to the Midwest for clinical rotations. I've just moved back to the Long Island suburbs to work a little (aka: pay off student loans...) while also studying for my Physical Therapy licensure exam/boards this winter.

I'm known to geek over anything anatomy or adaptive sports. You’ll find me stopping to pick flowers for my hair, living waist deep in my studies or spending the weekend cooking up a storm.

I'm an Aries and ENFJ by nature.

My favorites are fruit, artsy things, wearing aprons and sprawling down on the ground instead of actual chairs. This is my place of inspirations, thoughts, and daily occurrences. Enjoy.

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Posts tagged national mechanics

Aug 19 '11

Day 4 - Describe the best party experience you’ve had so far.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, I’m not a huge crowd party fan.  I’ve been in enough dingy basements of drunk people to find its not my thing.  My favorite parties are out in the open and free, preferably in Philly’s old city area.  Or I’m just all about the Happy Hour!  My favorite so far was for my 21st birthday celebration at a quirky bar, National Mechanics.  It was fun.

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