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angiepants [one pocket at a time]

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Long Island raised lady who became a grown adult (aka: 6 years for undergrad and grad schooling) in Philly, home of squished pretzels and 'brotherly' love. I've traveled over the northeast coast and even once to the Midwest for clinical rotations. I'm finishing my final one back in good ole' Philly this september. I'm on the track to finish my Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree and then take my licensure test this winter.

I'm known to geek over anything anatomy or adaptive sports. You’ll find me stopping to pick flowers for my hair, living waist deep in my studies or spending the weekend cooking up a storm.

I'm an Aries and ENFJ by nature.

My favorites are fruit, artsy things, wearing aprons and sprawling down on the ground instead of actual chairs. This is my place of inspirations, thoughts, and daily occurrences. Enjoy.

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Posts tagged break

May 18 '12

Now that I’ve packed stuff for the last two hours

back to Nueroscience?  Ugh.

Organizing breaks are wonderful.  Especially when your packing means you will will soon be able to decorate a new place (yes, put some holes in a wall without getting chared) and live for yourself (and not be an ‘authority figure’, housekeeper, and role model for 40 residents + staff that lives 24/7 with you).

I’m ready for a break.  28 days till stressful spring quarter ends and 29 days till I move into my first apartment.

Dec 4 '11

On drilling down the days.

5 days of proving I know everything I was taught and deserve to continue in this program

6 days until the “Running of the Santas” in Philly celebration

7 days until our staff closes two entire buildings of freshman

8 days till I travel hometown home for the first time in over six months and spend the most glorious, deserved, and overloaded time with family . (And can actually get excited that its the Holiday season)

Let’s do this.

Apr 10 '11


Can you just go away for my actual 21st birthday tommorrow and this coming Friday party?

Way to go timing of suite issues, boss slaps in the face, and upcoming exams.

Mar 11 '11

Enlightenment #102

Time doesn’t take a break for you to decide

Life decisions are called ‘life decisions’ because they are just that-made while you, and everybody else, is going about their lives.

So take a break, breathe, vent, but realize life constantly counts foward and you need to change and charge foward with it (otherwise you’ll be frustrated and far behind).

Dec 27 '10

Snowed In - ness

equals =

  • Too many cookies hanging around, staring at you.  And looking even more delectable because of boredom.
  • Cleaning.  And then some more cleaning
  • Watching movies and old TV shows (even ones you don’t want to because you can’t do anything else)
  • Getting on family nerves
  • Reading.  Lots.