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angiepants [one pocket at a time]

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Long Island raised lady who became a grown adult in Philly (aka: 7 years for undergrad and grad schooling), home of squished pretzels and 'brotherly' love. I've traveled over the northeast coast and even once to the Midwest for clinical rotations. I've just moved back to the Long Island suburbs to work a little (aka: pay off student loans...) while also studying for my Physical Therapy licensure exam/boards this winter.

I'm known to geek over anything anatomy or adaptive sports. You’ll find me stopping to pick flowers for my hair, living waist deep in my studies or spending the weekend cooking up a storm.

I'm an Aries and ENFJ by nature.

My favorites are fruit, artsy things, wearing aprons and sprawling down on the ground instead of actual chairs. This is my place of inspirations, thoughts, and daily occurrences. Enjoy.

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Feb 20 '13

Normal Skin vs. Raynaud’s Skin

First walking from outside to indoors, my skin is patchy in colors (white, red, blue, purple, yellow).  These pictures are 20 minutes after being inside, when blood finally decides to gush back into fingers and toes.  This shit burrrrnnnns.

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  2. soundsofmusic said: I have Raynaud’s too! Unfortunately as I get older, its getting worse, and it is awful! =(
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